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Predator (Coming Soon for iPhone)

Military style, multi function field kit.
Comprising of : Torch, Battery meter, Compass, & GPS. With built in sharing to social networks, email or SMS, of your current heading, and a link to a map showing your location.
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Rapid Icons (for Mac)

Create a Favicon & Web Clip icon in seconds
Simultaneously create a Favicon and a Web Clip icon for use on your website.
Just drag both of the icons created from the app, and drop them anywhere.
Ideal for rapidweaver as you need both icons for each project.
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Dictaphone (for Mac)

Top Ten Mac App Store Business Paid App
Record unlimited audio notes to save as, reminders, archives, or export to attach in emails. The user interface is a pleasure to use, with its animated recording mic and recording level indication, while recording in CD quality sound.
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Website Warden (for Mac)

Be the first to know if something breaks
Identify problems with your site before users do.
When an error occurs, you can get alerted via email.
Email Alerts, Dock Icon Alerts, In App Visual Alerts, Audible Alerts
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Icon Developer (for Mac)

iPhone Type rounded corner icons
Click and copy to clipboard any icon with rounded corners and optional gloss, for marketing.
Generates all the icons required for an iPhone and/or iPad application, in one operation.
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Sum Up (for iPad)

Designed as an engaging game of maths
Instills quick thinking. Pop the sum bubbles before they rise to get fried by the laser beam. Get them right and you will remain on steady ground.
There are three difficulty levels to choose from, that can make this a challenging game for adults and kids alike.

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