Digital DeveloperCreative design and software development

I am a digital designer and software developer based in the Channel island of Jersey. I am Passionate about bringing ideas to life in code. My mantra is simplicity by design. I am a registered Apple developer making applications for Mac, iPhone, and iPad.

  • Aspect is for web designer to test there responsive designs at any device size.
  • Rapid Icons creates a retina ready favicon.ico file and web clip icon from a single image dropped onto the application.
  • Compound makes it a breeze for carpenters to cut exact compound mitres in cornice and crown mouldings.
  • Awesome Icons creates png images from any Font Awesome icon in any size and colour.
  • Fav beautiful contacts on your iPhone that are smart as well as stylish.
  • Website Warden Monitors all your websites. Detects issues and notifies you immediately. Notification can also be sent via email to anywhere.

I know you will love using these apps, I designed them with you in mind.

Kind Regards,
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