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Simultaneously create a retina ready Favicon.ico and an IOS Web Clip icon for use on your website.
Simply drag either of the icons created by the app, and drop them anywhere.

Launch Price £2.99

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Requires Intel Mac running OSX 10.6.6 (Snow Leopard) or above

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More Info

Drop any image larger than 57px into the drop zone and the app instantly creates a favion.ico file and an IOS web clip icon ready to go.
The favion.ico file is a combined 16px and 32px image. Retina screens will automatically use the 32px version of the image within the favicon while standard resolutions will use the 16px.

Quotes and Reviews…

"The concept of single purpose apps is making its mark on the Mac App Store. If you are a RapidWeaver user or just need a Favicon or Webclip icon for your website, you simply drop your normal icon into the drop zone and "ding" you're done. The app just works and there is no fuss. I suppose I could have found some convoluted way to do the same thing to save some money, but my time is far more important as compared to the miniscule price of this app." - iKeithReview Mac App Store
"Just what Macs are all about.." - HR
On upgrading my OS - "Rapid Icons would be the only thing I'd care about right now" - RC


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